The end is in sight


There really has been considerable change on site since the last blog, so it is hard to know where to begin.

All the floating pontoons have been installed (well they will have been by the end of play tomorrow) and Land and Water's huge machines are inching their way nearer and nearer the roadway entrance signalling the end is definitely in sight.

The bubble wrapped bollards which bring the electricity and water direct to each berth are now installed and are soon to be connected, and the temporary facilities building which we will be using short term is due to arrive any day.. 

Land and Water are planning to cut through the bank this week, and have installed some lovely wooden edging to the river entrance, so all in all, it is beginning to look very welcoming indeed.

John has been busy planting grass seed which is coming on a treat. The rest of the bunds and banks have nearly been finished and once the wind drops they will be hard at it again trying to get all the sowing done whilst the soil is still relatively warm.

With a new development such as White Mills come real opportunities, and this morning we met with Moulton College to explore the possibility of working with some of the students to come up with some landscaping designs suitable for an inland marina. Their brief is to design a sympathetic landscaping plan that will not only enhance the marina, but also encourage a wide variety of wildlife so that White Mills Marina becomes a real haven for as many different species of flora and fauna as possible.  We are now looking forward to their ideas by the end of this term, so we will be able to jointly implement the winning plans early next term in time for Spring. All very exciting.