The perfect team making you welcome

 Photo Credit: Tony Knuff

Photo Credit: Tony Knuff

John Skinner

Farmer, father, and man behind the helm.  John was born and brought up on a farm in Easton Maudit in Northamptonshire, and is never happier than when he is working outside in the fresh air. The completion of White Mills Marina has not come soon enough for John as he thoroughly enjoys meeting new folks and forging new friendships. Beware, he has a host of old (and a few new) jokes up his sleeve, and laughing at his repertoire will only encourage him.

Commenting on the development John said, "Watching White Mills develop over the past few months has been incredibly exciting. It has taken a long time to get to this point, and now that we have, we are thoroughly looking forward to welcoming boaters and boating enthusiasts to White Mills and establishing the marina as a first class facility."

 Photo Credit:  Hayley Parrott

Photo Credit: Hayley Parrott

Debbie Skinner

Debbie was born just over the border in Bedfordshire but spent most of her formative years living in the Nene Valley in Rushden in Northamptonshire. The youngest of five girls, Debbie is happiest outside too and again loves meeting people .

What Debbie has particularly enjoyed about the new family venture is the marketing and promotional side of the business and familiarising herself with Social media. These days she can often be found at strange hours at her PC posting messages and making new "friends" on Twitter and Facebook.

Said Debbie, "Both John and I still have loads of energy and are totally committed to creating a marina that we are proud of. Exciting times are certainly ahead and we are looking forward to seeing White Mills Marina evolve into something very special indeed."



Carrie Hewitt

Carrie is new to the boating community but is loving picking up all the new skills she is rapidly learning.  In her spare time Carrie enjoys getting out and about in the countryside and witnessing all the nature around the marina. Her main passion however is creating exciting culinary dishes for friends and family to try.  She probably won't tell you this but she was the "star" of her year at catering college in Northampton, so she does know a thing or two about cooking, if you are after any tips for cooking on the cut .... she is your girl. We are delighted to welcome Carrie on board, as she brings with her a whole load of enthusiasm and fantastic organisational skills.










Introducing Dizzy - our half Jack Russell, half Norfolk Terrier who according to John is half sharp too!  She is a dear little dog and is quite simply everyone's best friend.  We know you will love her and so we will be checking your boats as you leave, just to make sure you have no stowaways!