Giving plastics a wide berth


In 2018 we made a conscious decision to give plastics a wide berth!

So what did we do? Well to start with, we decided on a quick and easy fix which was to become an Ecover filling station so boaters/campers and visitors could refill with washing liquid, washing up liquid, fabric conditioner as well as multi purpose cleaner. Located in our office we also sell a wide range of additional Ecover products too.


Saying no to drinks in plastic bottles

download (3).jpg

We were delighted when we heard about CanOwater and their fantastic little cans of water with wonderful little widgets that you can reuse, and refill, so again we kicked the plastic bottles into touch and began stocking the lovely little CanOwater in the boathouse. Of course we also have a fresh water urn for those preferring a glass of water.


No more plastic straws

Well if you are going to commit to looking after your environment, then you need to go all the way, so we decided to give plastic straws the push and only stock paper ones, and then we thought actually why not use recycled napkins - so we do that too!


Biodegradeable all the way

We very much support the green blue and advise boaters to follow their recommendations with regards to keeping their boats green - loads of info is available from their website highlighted above along with a host of marketing material


Recycling/upcycling and reusing

Since we first opened in 2016 recycling and reusing has been at the very forefront of our evolution. We actively encourage recycling and try and reuse materials - in the boathouse we have upcycled scaffolding planks and pallets, as well as painted old redundant tables and chairs bought from reuse centres and a former pub!