Nitty gritty


It is so hard to believe that it has been over a month since my last blog. How the time has flown by. Passers by either on the road or on the river may think very little has been going on at the marina field in the past few weeks, but believe you me, behind the scenes there has been a great deal of activity, as the nitty gritty of the plans have been fine tuned, and work schedules put in place for the completion of the project around the middle of October. And I am glad to say that today, we have finally had confirmation from Land and Water that they will begin developing White Mills Marina on Wednesday 1st July. All the hard work by everyone involved has finally paid off. Its amazing to think that within just a few months, we will be welcoming boats to White Mills.

A real boost to the development was in the middle of May when a gentleman telephoned to reserve the very first mooring. He had bought a boat on the strength of the marina opening in the Autumn. It certainly pumped both John and myself up to think like us, he believed in the project so much, even before work had commenced, that he was prepared to put his name down. Fantastic news.

Another big boost was our visit to the Crick Boat Show over the bank holiday.  We spent every day there and used the time to both familiarise ourselves with the boating world, and to chat to as many people as we possibly could. It was a terrific experience, we met so many lovely people. all of whom were very encouraging about White Mills Marina.

On the social media front, a real sense of community is developing both on twitter and facebook, and I am really looking forward to posting up some exciting pictures over the next four months so that everyone can be involved from the very start.

So feeling very motivated and down right excited, building work can not come soon enough,  we are totally ready in every way for this next chapter of our lives to get underway and we look forward to sharing it with you.