Every cloud really does have a silver lining


Well that is two Open Weekends now done and dusted and we can not believe how lucky we have been with the weather.  The forecast was not particularly brilliant for the weekend, but luckily the sun shone up until about the last hour and a half on Sunday, when it absolutely bucketed down. Just when we thought nobody would brave the weather to come and pay us a visit they did! And they booked a berth for their 70' narrowboat too.  So the old adage "Every cloud has a silver lining" could not be more true.

We seem to have got into the swing of these weekends a bit more now, and it is great when we get asked questions that we don't know (not a rare occurence mind you!) as it means we have to make it our job to find out, which gives us more valuable knowledge.

Things are still moving along according to plan, and earlier last week, Land and Water had some serious aeriel shots of White Mills taken. They really were stunning;  the surrounding countryside looks amazing, making us both realise how lucky we are to have the opportunity to be able to create something that will encourage people to venture out to our part of Northamptonshire and enjoy what we have been enjoying for years.