Its official! New River Nene marina now open.


After a hectic past few days, of painting, planting and landscaping, White Mills Marina is now very much open for business, with moorings available for widebeams, narrowboats and cruisers.  Hurray!

The new office and laundrette which were erected at the beginning of the week, gave us the green light for all hands on deck and it has been, all weekend, which has been brilliant.  The two buildings have been painted (two or three coats!)  and fitted out, whilst the majority of the marina has been seeded with grass and I can't believe we are saying this, but we are now looking forward to some rain to make it grow!  The electric gates at the entrance are connected up and over 100 hornbeam hedge quicks carefully planted either side.


We have had loads of people popping in to take a look especially yesterday, with several serious enquiries, which is incredibly encouraging and exactly what we had hoped for.  To round off the buzz that has definitely been percolating around the marina,  we had out first overnight moorer last night and if that was not enough excitement for one day, our first campervan booking too. 

We have just about finished the jobs for the weekend, and cannot believe our luck with how the weather has stayed fine all day today.