Maintenance Matters


The rain combined with sunny intervals has provided the perfect conditions for our newly sown grass to grow, which means that keeping it nicely manicured is proving to be a team job.  John has recently invested in a rather industrial looking Scag mower that seems to be doing a top job and is far less strenuous than the one he had been using.  Of course whenever you have a new machine such as a mower suddenly grass cutting becomes a job for the boys, so at weekends now there is no shortage of assistance!

Our local builder John and his able assistant Frank have made a marvellous job of putting some wonderful looking wooden steps into the bank off the car park. Our boaters who are moored on the Arnold and  Tooley pontoons now have an attractive and handy short cut to their destinations.  


Sadly Darla Rose the vintage coffee caravan is not able to come along on Sundays anymore due to previous commitments. We are actively looking for someone to provide some refreshments over the weekends until our facilities building is up and running.  In the meantime, Phoebe Knuff has stepped in and is baking really fabulous cakes for us every Sunday, which we are serving with teas and coffees from the office. In addition, ice cream lovers out there might be pleased to know that we have bought a small deep freeze and as from this weekend we will be selling ice creams from the office too.

Finally, there are some exciting developments with regards to the footbridge and the finishing off of the marina- watch this space for the latest news.  We do not want to say too much and count our chickens before they hatch.

Finally, finally please do not forget we have an Open Day this Sunday from 10 - 4 - so if you have not yet been to visit us, then please do drop in - we would be thrilled to show you around.