Building bridges


There has been some serious action at White Mills over the past two weeks.  Land and Water Services have returned and are now erecting the long awaited bridge over the entrance of the marina. 

The completion of the bridge will now mean that by the end of next week, the footpath along the River Nene will be reopened, enabling walkers to walk along the River Nene towards Cogenhoe and of course in the other direction to Great Doddington and beyond too.


The bridge has been designed to be accessible to everyone, hence the size.  It will be lovely to see walkers along the river bank once again, and we can not thank everyone enough for their patience and tolerance whilst the footpath has been closed.

We hope to have an official opening at some point and will post details as and when they have been formalised.

Additional work that Land and Water Services will be carrying out over the next couple of weeks includes finishing off the flood compensation area around the far side of the marina adacent to the Tooley pontoons, installing a drain and finishing off the car park. So all is looking good. 


It was tremendously thrilling at the weekend, Northampton Boat Club chose to host one of their many annual events at White Mills.  Watching the convoy of boats cruise into the marina was truly wonderful. The feedback we received from them was not only did they have a thoroughly enjoyable time, but they are hoping to make a return trip later this Summer.  And of course we will look forward to welcoming them.