We may not be winners but we certainly aren't losers!

rural_business_awards_nottingham_white_mills_marina_river_nene_earls _barton

To say we were not disappointed not to have been a winner or at least a runner up at last nights Rural Business Awards would be quite an understatement!

On the way up to Nottingham, there was definitely a buzz of excitement in our six seater cab as we honestly felt we had an outside chance of becoming at least a runner up. However as the night progressed and we saw the calibre of other entries, I think we all knew deep down that it would take a miracle for us to win a prize, especially as we are still so very much a new business. Even so, in these sorts of situations, you prepare yourself for the worst but secretly hope for the best, so we were, all five of us rather gutted.

The evening itself was a fairly jolly affair, and we were lucky enough to share a table with some very nice folks from Fisher German, who were one of the sponsors of the awards. They certainly helped to lift our spirits once the results had been announced.

Even though we did not come away winners, we may have been down but we certainly weren’t out, and anyway it was lovely for John, myself, and Ben to have an evening out with Carrie and Gary. So there’s our positive!