Another boat to add to our sales fleet


We could not have been more sad than when two of our boaters decided that the time had come to sell their absoultely adorable 45 ft boat - Spring of '94.


"It has hardly been used" we wailed, "You can't sell it, we love having you with us, and besides we absolutely adore your boat!"



Some times things happen and decisions have to be made, so we are thrilled (sort of) to have another narrowboat available at the marina.  What perhaps excites us most is the challenge of finding just the right person for this gorgeous, well presented, little boat which by the way is in immaculate condition, and would make a perfect sail away. 


Here are just a few pictures to tempt you.  Also don't forget we still have the very delicious Hello available too.  It is certainly a gem of a boat, and again well worth having a look at.

If you are interested, don't forget to give us a call - 01604 812057