What a day!


We could not have asked for the conditions to be better for when White Mills Marina joined the River Nene.  Yesterday was probably one of the best days in October, as the sun shone and shone and shone.  

For the entire WMM team, Monday 26th October was the day that we had all been working towards and looking forward to for a long time, and it just did not let us down.  As the time approached to 10am there was a lovely flurry of local people around to watch Land and Water finally make the long awaited cut through to the River Nene. From the actual cutting through process to the fireworks exploding and of course the water running through the carefully laid pipes - everything went like clock work.  Cameras were clicking as everyone captured the momentous occasion, they were not let down as the water just flowed and flowed, by dusk it was amazing to see just how much water had flowed into the basin.

We had some terrific news coverage, BBC Look East came out and really did do us proud, and ITV Anglia came to support us too.  Anglia are doing a follow up story once the marina is full and the floating pontoons installed. 

So all in all a memorable and fabulous day and one I hope enjoyed by everyone who came to witness the river flow into White Mills.  Big thanks to the Collins family, Andrew Langley from Destination Nene Valley, and of course the delightful Joyce Boulos Hanna who all agreed to be interviewed. What a day!