We have a basin!


This week can definitely be classed as a milestone as the last few blocks have finally been put in place creating a water tight basiin that looks really fantastic - so tidy and flat. It is amazing to think that we will never see it like it again and that the next thing to happen will be the cutting through to the River Nene on Monday 26th October followed by the installation of the floating pontoons, which we are looking forward to no end.  Evidently the pontoons are craned in and then towed to their destination using a small boat. Now this we really do have to see!

The fillng up will be very much a controlled affair and is expected to take around 56 hours to complete.  There will be no big gush of water, no huge waves just a gentle flow from the river over two and a half days.

So this time next week, White Mills Marina basin will be full and looking more how a marina should look.  Bring it on!

Don't forget we are hosting another open weekend on 7th and 8th November 10am - 4pm.  If you want to come down and talk about reserving your berth at any time, then we are only a phone call or email away.  Tel 07802 890874 or email info@whitemillsmarina.co.uk