Getting social!


It is nearly a month since our last blog .......totally unbelievable. Let us just hope the Winter months fly by as quickly as the Spring/Summer months have.


There is definitely a change in the air, and it is now beginning to feel more autumnal. It is hard to believe next week we will actually be turning the clocks back. We have just taken a large delivery of coal, (Excel and Supertherm), as well as kindling and firelighters, so if the temperature plummets then we will be well prepared.  We are absolutely loving seeing the smoke puffing out of chimneys when people first light their woodburners on their narrowboats.

The entrance to the car park has now been tarmaced, it has made a huge difference and looks very smart indeed. The team from Phoenix Paving were a really good bunch and went all out to make sure that everyone could access their vehicles with as much ease as possible. Our flower beds at the front have been extended slightly which now means a trip to the local garden centre.  However, this time around, we will have to make sure that we choose something that does not appeal to rabbits!


The other piece of pleasing news is that we are now officially a 'Certified Site' for the Camping and Caravanning Club, which means as from next May the camping area will only be available to members of the  C & C Club and we will only be able to accommodate six caravans and ten tents.  This we believe will help us to retain its tranquil and picturesque charm.

We have several new boaters we are looking forward to welcoming over the forthcoming weeks, and are now planning a few social events to both welcome them and to round off the rest of the year starting with our pumpkin challenge next week. Plans are afoot for a music quiz and an open house Christmas event which is yet to be finalised.  So there is a lot to look forward to.  

P.S. If you have any Christmas recipes you would like to share, then please do let us have them, so we can pop them on our Cooking on the Cut section of the website!