And the winner is........


Well what fun we have had over the past week or so as entries trickled in for our Great Pumpkin Challenge.  The enthusiasm and support for the challenge has been wonderful, and we felt really sorry for our lovely judge/neighbour Carol who kindly agreed to officiate.  It was a difficult task as every entry had its own fabulous quality. There were pumpkins that morphed into flower arrangements and beer coolers along with the traditional and miniscule pumpkins.  In the end it was Gary with his troll creation that won the trophy and bottle of fizz. His was a last minute entry, and the detail was most impressive.  


Now however we are left with a complete mystery, no one has any idea who created the magnificent narrowboat pumpkin which everyone totally admired. It mysteriously appeared outside the office one morning with no clue as to its creator.......  We are now on the case to track down our very own mystery carver. Sherlock Homes and Hercule Poirot would have a field day no doubt! oops and not forgetting Miss Marple of course!