Proud to be in Esme's pride

esme lion.png

I know that we had decided that our fund raising for the year was to raise money for a public access defibrillator, however when you read such a heart breaking story about little Esme Handley - aka Esmelionheart - ( then you do what you have to do and organise an event to help Esme’s family raise £400,000 so she can get the life saving treatment she so desperately needs . Bless her little heart.


And our boathouse team have certainly risen to the challenge, in fact we couldn’t be more proud of them. Tomorrow the team who are now fully paid up members of Esme’s pride, have organised a sponsored toddle/trail around our camping field, and they have certainly let their creative juices flow!! Children taking part are going to have a terrific time as they follow the snakes and ladders, check out the lion mask colouring, jump into the lions den, peep into the fairy doors and have their photo taken in the lion photo booth and so much more. With each entrant receiving a certificate and free cup cake, it should be a great afternoon. However, we have no idea just how many people are likely to turn up. We are sort of hoping loads, but then feel nervous that we might not cope which of course would be the best possible scenario for raising money for adorable and courageous Esme. So let’s hope it is a roaring success.