Esme fundraiser success


We were so excited on Sunday morning as the finishing touches were being put in place for Esme Lionheart’s sponsored toddle/trail in our camping area. It had finally come together and it looked absolutely fantastic. Our little boathouse team had certainly come up trumps.

Before the clock even struck 2.30 we had VISITORS - we were all beside ourselves - people were actually turning up!! No sooner were the little people checked in at the Start then they were off exploring, searching, running, skipping, colouring and even peeping at the snoozing lion in his den.

It was lovely to see all the little ones running around totally untethered, having the time of their lives in a safe environment. The weather was kind - well for the first 1 1/2 hours and then it changed and it poured! Although it was pretty short lived it lasted long enough probably to deter more families from coming along and joining in the fun.


We were lucky enough to have Esme’s grandfather pop in to see what we were up to, and he was blown away by the efforts of Nikkita and Sam from the boathouse , and could not believe the number of families having a great afternoon out. He has since made sure that pictures have been forwarded to Esme’s parents Will and Rebecca Handley and has asked us to extend his thanks to everyone..

The afternoon was organised to raise much needed funds for little Esme’s treatment and I am thrilled to report, that we raised an amazing £853.00! How fantastic is that? Needless to say as soon as it was counted it was immediately paid over to the Esme Lionheart fund me page which has now reached around £275.000. The target was originally set at £500,000 but has now been reduced to £400,000, so there is just another £125,000 to go which is definitely do-able. (come on peeps dig deep)


Anyway, it is time to go now, but before I close a huge thank you to everyone who has supported our fund raising efforts, it is very much appreciated and let us all keep our fingers crossed that this brave little lion cub makes a full and quick recovery.

To find out more about this courageous little girl please visit or follow her on face book on esme lionheardd