Chatty cafe scheme comes to the boathouse


When we first heard about the fabulous national initiative the Chatty Cafe Scheme we knew immediately that it was something we HAD to be involved in and introduce to the boathouse.


Needless to say our lovely boathouse team immediately gave it the thumbs up and wanted to be part of such a progressive and empathetic scheme. So it was without hesitation we signed up. Within days we received our Chatty Cafe pack and were ready to launch our Chatter and Natter table , which we did today. My goodness we were all so excited!

Having shared it far and wide across facebook , and judging by the enthusiasm of our followers, we are looking forward to our Chatter and Natter Wednesdays becoming a popular weekly event for those people keen to socialise, meet some new faces and enjoy new conversations. Today thanks to the ghastly weather our Chatter and Natter table wasn’t exactly bustling, but we wholeheartedly believe that it will do in time. Things like this are often slow burners…… so watch this space.. Afterall who doesn’t like a good natter over a brew with a view? We do!