Four lovely gold anchors


Well after just three years of being a fully operational marina, we can announce that we have been awarded four lovely gold anchors from The Yacht Harbour Association, which is absolutely great news and a huge boost to our confidence. At last we know we are getting things right!

To say we were a little disappointed not to achieve five anchors would be a little bit of an understatement, as we have worked hard over the past few years to achieve all the markers for the assessment, but in the end it was down to two key areas that prevented us achieving top marks and gaining five anchors.

The two areas were

Not having any boat lifting facilities or a boat yard


Only being open six days a week and not seven.

In response to both, we simply do not have the space for boat lifting facilities and this looks unlikely to change, afterall, we are a tranquil, leisure facility and a boat yard would not be particularly conducive to retaining the peaceful, rural setting we are lucky enough to enjoy.

With regards to the opening of the office and boathouse seven days a week , we do like to have one day when we are completely closed (although we are regularly nipping down to welcome visitors both boating and camping on a Tuesday and always answer calls) as it allows us to do things like maintenance, deep cleaning, training and of course having a day off.


Extending our opening hours is something we regularly revisit, so the current hours are not set in stone, but having said that are unlikely to change in the forseeable!

Anyway back to the good news, having been awarded these lovely four gold anchors now means that we can fly the special four anchors flag - we now need to add new flagpole onto the shopping list! In addition, we can use the four anchors logo on all our marketing materials including digital marketing i.e. website, emails and social media …… the only trouble is we need to work out exactly how we do that!!!