Boats and folks


I don't like to count our chickens before they hatch but this morning it is beginning to look as though Summer has finally arrived!

Mind you it is not just that yellow ball in the clear blue sky that is suggesting that Summer is here, but the number of boaters who came to visit us over the weekend and especially at the Open Day yesterday.

From the moment we opened we had a steady stream of boaters wanting to look around, and if we had a penny for every time someone mentioned the fantastic view of Whiston church high up on the horizon then we could retire! There was a wonderful atmosphere at the marina all weekend, and we were lucky enough to have Kelly Coffee Beans down with her array of different coffees which seemed really popular.

What was particularly exciting however was the arrival of our first brokerage boat 64ft Jersey Lily which we are mooring on behalf of Boatfinder Brokerage.  We will now be carrying out viewings which we are looking forward to doing.  It is another step to making us feel like an established and fully functioning marina.

Finally, our deep freeze was installed in the office on Friday and is now full to the brim with ice creams. With the sun shining brightly this morning and a hot, dry week to look forward to then it really could not be more timely.